Wiring fire handles

Connecting the fire handles and other switches and lights using the original wiring. Time-consuming figuring out each wire but worth preserving the original work of art

707 cockpit successfully moved

The cockpit has been successfully moved to a new location 30km north of Munich saving 90% storage costs. Restoration work will continue soon.

Bendix RMIs

Finally started working on the 4x Bendix RMIs. These hat a specially made dial for Lufthansa. Now working on 12V stepper motors with 1/16 microstepping. More infos and video to follow


Removing insulation

After some considerations I decided to remove the entire insulation for better access to the airframe. This makes it easier to remove remaining wires, tubes and other unnecessary equipment. I am still missing the footrest brackets, panel brackets and panel hinges which I will have to re manufacture.


Cleaning cleaning cleaning….

D-ABUD/N707QJ is undergoing a thorough cleaning and removal of insulation, wiring and unnecessary tubes. Kitchen cleaner is probably the best cleaning product to use for this job. Note the large amounts of nicotine which were not that easy to remove and required some extensive rubbing.

Cockpit restoration update

Control coloums removed, Foot rest removed, wirring removed, Panel brackets removed, cockpit floor wire duct removed.

Engine panel nearing completion

EPR, N1, EGT and N2 are ready! Tested and found ok. Flap indicators on the right are completed too.

Kollsman Drum-Type Altimeter

Kollsman Altimeter has been a major challenge. I used a broken spare unit to test a stepper motor on it. The axis for the QNH setting needs to be lengthened to turn a potentiometer. The white flag on the altimeter scale for the KIFIS system can be biased out of