February 18th 2022 – RESTORATION BEGINS

18.02.2022: Today I started the restoration of the cockpit section of D-ABOD:

  • Detailed photographs of every inch of the cockpit
  • Collected all loose items and screws and cleared out the trash
  • Got upset how the workers removed items and panels in the cockpit and how Dechow treated the items (Navigator’s table damaged by them)
  • Removing Sextant and eyebrow window panel
  • Removing wires to the overhead panel
  • Removing wires to the CB panels.

This time I will leave much of the Nictoine and dirt in the cockpit to preserve its unique ‘smell’. Looking back at the restoration of the Caravelle I over cleaned some areas.

I cannot leave the old wiriing as I need every inch of space for the new wires.