Spares needed

I need a couple of extra instruments as spares source.

Info & recordings

To active 707 and E8 CREWs. I would greatly appreciate your help here. See below.

Missing Items

PN 65-1912-32, PN 65-1912-8

Autothrottle Panel (no PN available)

Oxygen Regulator 

Scott Aviation Corp. 10400 13 (or similar)

Radio switch panel
P/N G-677-XX-WX-LH

Grimes Light
P/N 20475-31-1495

Light Shield cover RH side only:
P/N 69-8896-6

Spares needed

Bendix Deviation Indicator

(2° markings), Bendix CDI 72373B14B1

Radio Magnetic Indicator
PN 36155-1AF25A1

Litton 72 INS CDU

Info & recordings


Note recording and noise measurment equipment will be sent to you at no cost. The equipment is very easy to use. A short instruction will be provided.

  • JT3D engine start up to max starter speed (hold for 30 seconds) and spool up to idle recording.
  • Recording in cockpit while switching on external power supply
  • Sound in cockpit with external power supply ON and engines OFF.
  • Noise level during various phases of flight (equipment will be provided)
  • Gear extension and retraction sound.
  • Any special sounds typical for 707s

Deceleration times

  • from 300 to 250 kts level flight
  • with gear extended.
  • with various flap settings

More to come


Technical Questions

none at this moment (thanks to the people who helped here). This list will grow once system coding begins.