Lower P11 wired up and ready

Lower P11 the Flight Engineer’s lower panel is wired up, tested and ready to be installed. About 15 hours work involved. All indicators are already converted and tested. Upper P11 is next followed by the overhead panel.

Polishing nearing completion!

Good progress on polishing. The new technique of sanding the damaged areas really made a great difference in achieving beautiful results. Some might consider it “overpoplished” but to remove the damage this is the only way to go. It will oxidize over time again and give a more realistic look.

Corrosion, corrosion, corrosion

Captain’s side: removed the insulation and the corrosion behind it. I found a 2k etch primer that comes very close to the zinc chromate primer used back in the day – to protect the bare aluminium from further corrosion.

Boeing 707 MEMORABILIA for sale

I am starting to sell items of my 707 collection to finance the costly restoration of the cockpit of D-ABOD. Go to “Resources” and “Memorabilia for sale” This list will be updated from time to time and new items added.

Special Guest

Special guest: My father came over for a 48hrs visit and we had a look at his old workhorse D-ABOD. This was the first time since November 15th 1975 when he flew PHL-BOS-FRA!! He wasn’t very emotional about it and has lots of bad memories flying the 707 with former

Corrosion works continue

Some progress on the inside and outside of the cockpit of D-ABOD: The tiller finally came off and I was able to remove the CM1 side panel. Some more items from the aircraft’s past came to light. A quick look behind the insulation was rather shocking as heavy corrosion has

Two ADF radios converted

The 2 ADF radios on the control stand are now converted and ready for codeing. I had to replace all bulbs which takes some time as they are soldered to a flexible circuit board. Bulbs are 680 bulbs, by chance I had 80 new bulbs from a previous wrong order.

Restoration update (video)

YouTube Restoration Video update