Mindblowing JT3D/TF33 recordings from powerun on E3A

I received the engine sound recordings from a JT3D/TF33 power run: MIND BLOWING 🙂 various power settings from IDLE to up to 97% with synchronized engines all in excellent quality recorded inside the cabin behind the

Researching the Lufthansa Blue from 1967

Not as easy as it may seem – finding the correct color is a trial an error task. Unfortunately, Lufthansa keeps their color codes like a “Staatsgeheimnis” even after over 50 years. They do not even answer any requests regarding this project. Preserving the

Paint removal and polishing – first cut

Paint removal

Paint removal begins

Sourcing more 707 parts

Another visit to the Californian desert to find more 707 parts to make D-ABOD 100% complete. Spares source is N7381 B720 once flown by Ethiopian Airlines. Since my job keeps me very busy at this moment, I am unable to do any restoration work, so I am putting my focus

DC-8 power run

Visited Willow Run Airport near Detroit and checked out the DC-8-63 (ex Austrian Airlines). Tried to get #4 fired up for the JT3D sound recordings for the 707 sim but

Reassembly of N707QJ begins

After I acquired the historic cockpit of D-ABOD I was able to sell N707QJ to a museum which I am now reassembling. Hopefully I can have it moved to her new home in Bavaria, Germany by May 22


February 18th 2022 – RESTORATION BEGINS

18.02.2022: Today I started the restoration of the cockpit section of D-ABOD:

  • Detailed photographs of every inch of the cockpit
  • Collected all loose items and screws and cleared out the trash
  • Got upset how the workers removed items and panels in the cockpit and how Dechow treated the items