Here you will find a growing selection of digitalized 707 items such as panel drawings, 3D models of cockpit parts etc. This is a very time-consuming work but I think worth the effort for people who would llike to build their home-cockpit or museum piece. Original parts are getting very rare and extremely expensive.


Lufthansa Boeing 707 Panel Drawings

Measurements taken from the panels of D-ABUD and are available at 100 USD. These are extremely accurate drawings and allow you to perfectly remanufacture original Lufthansa Boeing 707 A, B and C models. They include many photos taken of the panels. Please note 707A has some minor modifications. Please note I can arrange manufacturing of the panels. Please inquire for pricing.

Captain’s Panel

Engine Panel

Co Pilot’s Panel

727/737 Throttle knob for 3D Printer

Free download for the throttle knob. Extremely accurate reproduction of the knobs used on the throttle levers of the 727 and 707. You will need to do some sanding and painting but eventually you will have a detailed replica. RSDoc file and .gcode Download here for free

3D view