To finance the extremely expensive restoration of D-ABOD, I am starting to sell some parts of my Boeing 707 collection. If you consider some items pricey, consider what I am spending on preserving this unique cockpit. Offers welcome. Shipping is not included, but I am able to ship from the US and Germany.

List updated and more items added 23.12.2023. Caravelle items now for sale to upgrade the Caravelle simulator. Scroll down to the button.

Please consider any purchase you make here a donation for the preservation of aviation history.

Boeing 707 Autopilot. As removed condition – as real as it gets. SOLD

Boeing 707 Autopilot. As removed condition – as real as it gets. 250 euros

Sperry Pictorial Deviation Indicator Model R-4A from a Lufthansa Boeing 727-100 (P/N 1783662 318DLH). Was used on Boeing 707s as well (not Lufthansa though). Has a Lufthansa CATII/III sticker on it. More pictures on request. SOLD

Drift Angle Indicator. As removed condition. Aksing 120 Euros.

Weather Radar control panel N88ZL. N88ZL was the very last commercially operated Boeing 707 in the USA and used as a VIP aircraft. 100 Euros.

Boeing 707 N88ZL Altitude Selector Panel. You can see from the scratches that this is item from the actual aircraft. 200 Euros.

OMEGA Model 7800 CDU (1 available). PN 141977-0104. As removed condition. 250 euros

VHF/NAV panel from N88ZL. Same as on picture. Most probably working when removed. 300 Euros.

N88ZL Heading / Course Selector. 2 available. 100 Euros each.

Boeing 707 airspeed indicator with bug knob. As removed. 120 euros.

Boeing 707, Boeing 727, Douglas DC-8 HF radio. As removed. 100 Euros.

Boeing 707 N88ZL chart holder yoke F/O side. Oiriginally delivered to Lufthansa this aircraft was converted to a VIP aircraft in 1984 and was the last civil Boeing 707 in the USA. Very rare item. SOLD

Air France Boeing 707 Jaeger Indicateur d’Altitude Preaffichee. This comes from ex Air France Boeing 707 F-BLCG built in 19667. Other operators of this aircraft were ZAS of Egypt (SU-DAB), Nile Safaris (ST-AKR), Naganagani (XT-BBF), Homac Aviation (HB-IEI), Azerbaijan Airlines (4K-BEK/5B-DAZ) and finally Aviastar (9G-ROX). Written off after an aborted take off at Bratislava on February 7, 1999. Asking 120 euros.

Gables 2125A. 3 Available. Used on various aircraft types including MD80. Asking 80 Euros.

“Aircraft Copy” Boeing 707 Technical Manual N88ZL. This is a rare manual from N88ZL, item is in fair condition. Seems to have been used quite a bit. This is a unique manual. 150 euros.

Boeing 707 airspeed indicator (front mount). Another version of the airspeed indicator without a V Bug. 100 Euros.

10-page marketing brochure produced by Lufthansa to celebrate its first jet the Boeing 707. In good condition with full page colour pictures see pictures. This brochure was folded at one point. 60 Euros.

Collins Flight Director Type No. 329B-9A PN772-5006-001. Very rare instrument (329Bs are common but not this one). Once installed in a Nord 262 but also used on the Boeing 747 and Boeing 707. More photos on request. Was put on a test bench in 1999 and found working. 3-D: 12.7 x 26.7 x 12.7cm (5 x 10 1/2 x 5 in.) SOLD

Boeing 707 OIL PRESS indicator NP-149-Q. 70 euros.

Boeing 707 Operations Manual Cunard Eagle Airways Office Copy. Complete and in good condition. SOLD

N88ZL INS selector panel. As you can see from the scratches on the panel its is exactly the same as on the picture. Click here for full resolution. 100 Euros.

N88ZL display control panel (2 available). These were also removed from the actual aircraft and are the originals used on N88ZL. 100 Euros.

N88ZL INS panel left hand side (LH and RH available). You can see from the scratches on the knob that this is from the actual aircraft. 100 Euros.

N88ZL Flight Plane and plotting chart LFPB to KMIA (Paris to Miami) on November 27th 2010. This must have been one of the last if not the last atlantic crossing of N88ZL. 50 Euros.

Caravelle window frame from F-BMKS ex Finnair OH-LSA. LAST ONE!!! 350 Euros.

Sperry HZ4-AF. A special Air France version of the HZ4 indicator. Very rare item! 400 Euros.

F-BMKS ex Finnair OH-LSA speed brake and spoiler indicator. SOLD

F-BMKS ex Finnair OH-LSA door handle (main door). 150 Euros.

Caravelle weather radar control panel – NOS (New Old Stock). Probably never used on an aircraft as the panel is in mint condition. 150 Euros.

Manuel de l’equipage. This seems to be a generic manual from Sud Aviation as many versions are mentioned. If you need some more photos let me know. 180 Euros.

Presentation of various parts of the aircraft. Lots of technical drawings (not to scale though!). Includes 2 smaller manuals from Air France. Pictures available on request. 150 euros.

Not rreally from a Caravelle but a Lockheed C141 Starlifter control coloum (Copilot). Make offer.