Building and programming a highly accurate simulator is an enormous task and includes many hours of research. I definitely want the 707 simulator to be flown by the books, that is power settings, pitch values and aircraft behavior must mimic the original in every detail. Though there are still many 707 pilots among us their knowledge is interesting but lacks the fine details you need for a simulator.

On this page I will be adding interesting information regarding the flying of the 707. This information will include tables, pictures or simply bullet points. This list is growing whenever I find relevant data. Last update. 03rd October 2019 (Hydraulics)

Control coloum forces

B707 stick forces
B707 wheel forces




Boeing 707 trim tests
  • Trim Actuator: 6 revolutions/sec
  • Trim Servo Mach trim mode : 2 revolutions/sec /
  • Trim Servo Autopilot mode. : Normal : 0,6 revolutions/sec. During turns (turn knob) or flaps DWN : 2 revolutions/sec (FM SCIBE CARGO 27.D.1.9)
  • Trim capability is high since 1° of stabilizer has the same effect as 2,3° of elevator




Acceleration / Deceleration

  • Nominally it takes 2 minutes to decelerate from 300 to 200 knots and 3 minutes from VNO to 200 knots in level flight, with no speedbrakes raised and thrust at idle.

Pitch and Power values

  • Turned out to be pretty difficult to find but eventually a good table showed up:
Unreliable airspeed table. Click
Unreliable airspeed table. Click