The 707 simulator is aimed to run with X-plane. However, I will keep a close look at the development of FS2020 and the interface possibilities. Unfortunately the engine modules of all flight simulators is very poor and I doubt this will change with FS2020 or X-Plane 12. It is far too basic and linear. Spool up, temperatures, thrust vs altitude and N1/N2 relation is totally incorrect and cannot be adjusted accordingly.  Since I do not want to wait for Laminar Research / Microsoft to fix this major issue  I am looking at having a complete engine module programmed outside X-Plane / FS2020. This will feature the correct spool up of each engine (with a slider to deteriorate engine response), engine malfunctions, engine aging, correct N1/N2, EPR thrust ratios with altitude (I have complete tables for this scenario) and much more.

For this I am looking for as much information on the JT3D engine (no matter the different variants) as possible. In particular:

  • EGT change with altitude
  • Oil press, temp and qty with altitude
  • spool DOWN behaviour
  • EPR, N1/N2, EGT, FF during engine stall
  • anything you can think of!

Are you actively flying 707s, AWACS? Please contact me if you are interested in helping.

Don’t worry about the sound module – an engine run is planned on one of the very last airworthy 707 in the world later next year! Sound / Engine modeling is on of the most important subjects in this project!

B707 engine spool up



– Short video at what speed rudder pressure in increased / reduced @ 250kts.

List will be growing as we start coding the systems.