In Progress

The auto flight system, consisting of the autopilot with automatic approach mode, the yaw damper and the auto throttle system gives the airplane the capability of automatic control during all flight conditions including approach (except CAT II approaches) when utilizing instrument landing (lLS) facilities.


The autopilot is a Bendix PB-200. It may be used to control the airplane in pitch by moving the elevator control tabs and the horizontal stabilizer and in bank by moving the aileron control tabs.
The autopilot moves the control surfaces through electric motors and mechanical linkages. The interlocking circuits are arranged such that engagement of the autopilot pitch and roll axis in the LOC VOR, GS AUTO, or GS MAN modes is not possible unless the yaw damper system is engaged. Engagement of the autopilot in the HDG or MAN modes can be accomplished independently of yaw damper system engagement. Inputs to the autopilot may be manual control of turn and pitch, or automatic control from compass heading, VOR or LOC and GS radio beams vertical gyro.·and
barometric altitude. Power: 115V AC, P5 ESSENTIAL RADIO BUS, AUTOPILOT (V /G switch in NORMAL NO.1 position), and RADIO BUS NO.2 AUTOPILOT (ALT SOURCE) (V/G switch
in NO. 2 position).