Engine panel nearing completion

EPR, N1, EGT and N2 are ready! Tested and found ok. Flap indicators on the right are completed too.

Kollsman Drum-Type Altimeter

Kollsman Altimeter has been a major challenge. I used a broken spare unit to test a stepper motor on it. The axis for the QNH setting needs to be lengthened to turn a potentiometer. The white flag on the altimeter scale for the KIFIS system can be biased out of

Engine Oil Quantity indicators

OILY QTY gauges of N88ZL now to be used in the panels of D-ABUD. Now running a 5V stepper motor and the original 5V integral lightning. Look how few components are now involved! Once done correctly I doubt you will ever have to reopen the gauge except for the bulb

EGT indicators

Finished the EGT indicators. These were U/S units from ebay (one is from N88ZL) and have been converted to Switec stepper motors for cost/accuracy/maintenance/reliability reasons.

I decided against switching the original lightning to LED to keep the original look at night. Bulbs are cheap and easy to replace and have

Parts from N88ZL

After over a year of waiting I was now finally allowed to take the parts of N88ZL, former Lufthansa D-ABUF. This is only 20% of what we (Guy van Herbruggen and me) bought and we hope to get the remaining parts which are stuck in a court case. This project

Dismantling continues

Dismantling of the cockpit continues and I have removed most of the original wiring so far.

N1 & N2 indicators

N1 and N2 indicator are basically exactly the same in terms of construction. The major problem here is the vernier dial and the speed at which it is rotating during engine acceleration. Here is an engine spool up table. It shows that the engine can spool up above 50% at

Fantastic Find in Belgium!

Fantastic find in Belgium!

A HUGE number of cockpit parts of Lufthansa’s D-ABUD my father flew with Lufthansa in the 70s. Many thanks for Guy van Herbruggen for this wonderful donation. Most of the parts will be cleaned only and left as is.