Mindblowing JT3D/TF33 recordings from powerun on E3A I received the engine sound recordings from a JT3D/TF33 power run: MIND BLOWING 🙂 various power settings from IDLE to up to 97% with synchronized engines all in excellent quality recorded inside the cabin behind the cockpit (hence no background noises). This will allow me to create a […]

Researching the Lufthansa Blue from 1967 Not as easy as it may seem – finding the correct color is a trial an error task. Unfortunately, Lufthansa keeps their color codes like a “Staatsgeheimnis” even after over 50 years. They do not even answer any requests regarding this project. Preserving the legacy and history has become […]

Paint removal and polishing – first cut Paint removal is well underway and polishing work made some good progress. Heavy corrosion (pitting corrosion) doesn’t make things easier though. In some areas wet sanding and 200 grid helps to ease the polishing process. I did find some remains of the original Lufthansa colour scheme and from […]