19315 545
D-ABUL Boeing 16.11.66 Rolled out
D-ABUL Boeing 31.12.66 First flight
D-ABUL Lufthansa Duisburg 20.01.67 Delivered
D-ABUL Lufthansa 1968 Repainted in new colours
D-ABUL Lufthansa 06.05.84 Last revenue service Abu-Dhabi-Dhahran-Frankfurt
D-ABUL Condor 12.05.84 Transferred with full LH colours. First service Frankfurt-Fuerteventura
D-ABUL Condor June 1984 TAT 69,609 hrs
D-ABUL Condor 29.12.84 Last revenue service Rio de Janeiro – Hamburg
D-ABUL Lufthansa 31.12.84 Returned and made ceremonial ferry flight Frankfurt-Cologne-Hamburg for Lufthansa 707 staff. Retired and stored TAT 70,718 TAC 18,841
6O-SBS Somali Airlines April 1985 Purchased and ferried to Brussels for technical works and repaint
6O-SBS Somali Airlines 08.04.85 Rolled out in full colours and ferried BRU-HAM
6O-SBS Somali Airlines 22.04.85 Handed over
6O-SBS Omega Air 30.12.88 Purchased an reregistered. Ferried Hamburg-Dublin on delivery
EL-AJU Omega Air 14.02.88 Reregistered at Dublin
El-AJU Liberia World Airways 27.02.89 Leased
El-AJU Omega Air 01.07.89 Returned at Shannon
El-AJU Uganda Air 01.07.89 Leased
El-AJU Omega Air 10.07.89 Returned at Shannon
El-AJU Naganagani 10.07.89 Leased
El-AJU Naganagani 08.10.89 Ferried Coventry-Shannon-Los Angeles for hust kit modification
El-AJU Naganagani 04.11.89 Ferried Las Vegas-Manston after hush kit modification
El-AJU Omega Air 1990 Returned at Shannon
EL-AJU Royal Air Maroc June 1990 Leased and ferried Shannon-Ostend on delivery
EL-AJU Omega Air Aug 1990 Returned to Shannon
EL-AJU Guyana Airways 18.08.90 Leased an ferried Shannon-Ostend on delivery
EL-AJU Virgin Atlantic Sep 1990 Leased. Made one mercy flight to Baghdad in connection with Gulf crisis.
EL-AJU Omega Air 1990 Returned
EL-AJU Boeing Military Airplane Co. 01.11.90 Purchased for USAF’s re-enging and spares programme. Ferried to Davis Monthan, Tucson, AZ and entered AMARC
EL-AJU Boeing Military Airplane Co. 1991 All usuable parts removed.
EL-AJU Boeing Military Airplane Co. 2009 Still extant but with cut off cabin roof. Presumed scrapped soon after.