20213 788
D-ABUJ Boeing 13.01.69 Rolled out
D-ABUJ Boeing 17.02.69 First flight
D-ABUJ Lufthansa Afrika 27.02.69 Delivered
D-ABUJ Lufthansa 23.10.74 Engine 3 stalled, Take off aborted at CPH.
D-ABUJ Condor 23.03.77 Leased
D-ABUJ Lufthansa Feb 1978 Returned
D-ABUJ Condor April 1978 Leased
D-ABUJ Lufthansa 21.11.78 Returned
D-ABUJ Condor 15.02.79 Leased
D-ABUJ Lufthansa 1980 Returned
D-ABUJ Condor 1981 Leased
D-ABUJ Lufthansa March 1981 Returned. Converted into all freighter configuration.
A6-DPA UAE Government 05.05.81 Purchased and registered
A6-DPA UAE Government June 1984 TAT 54,451
ST-AKW Nile Safaris Airways May 1987 Purchased
ST-AKW Sudan Airways 29.05.89 Purchased. Fitted with hushkits
ST-AKW Trans Arabian Air Transport 29.06.92 Leased
ST-AKW Sudan Airways 16.08.94 Returned
ST-AKW Azza Air Transport 16.08.94 Purchased
P4-AKW Azza Air Transport 01.02.97 Reregistered TAT 69,729
SZ-ALW Azza Air Transport 21.10.09 Crashed on take off after loosing #4 engine cowl and EPR indication. Aircraft stalled.