18929 461 Ordered in September 1964
D-ABUG Boeing 16.11.65 Rolled out
D-ABUG Boeing 29.12.65 First flight
D-ABUG Lufthansa 07.01.66 Essen Delivered
D-ABUG Lufthansa 1968 Repainted in new colours
D-ABUG Condor 01.11.70 Leased
D-ABUG Condor 15.11.71 Left wing and #1 engine touched runway during landing on a training flight. Minor damage
VP-WKT Air Zimbabwe 19.05.81 Purchased and reregistered at HAM
VP-WKT Air Zimbabwe 21.05.81 Delivered
Z-WKT Air Zimbabwe 31.10.83 Reregistered
Z-WKT Air Zimbabwe 10.11.88 Retired & stored at Harare
Z-WKT Air Zimbabwe 1991 All usuable parts removed. To be used as restaurant but fate unknown. Presumed scrapped.