18927 454 Ordered September 1964
D-ABUD Boeing 11.10.65 Rolled out
D-ABUD Boeing 11.11.65 First flight
D-ABUD Lufthansa Nürnberg 24.11.65 Delivered
D-ABUD Lufthansa 1968 Repainted in new colours
D-ABUD Lufthansa July 1980 Retired & stored at HAM
VP-WKV Air Zimbabwe 23.06.82 Purchased, reregistered and ferried Hamburg-Gatwick
VP-WKV Air Zimbabwe 01.09.82 TAT 68,567 hrs
Z-WKV Air Zimbabwe 31.10.83 Re registered
Z-WKV Seagreen Sep 1991 Purchased
5Y-AXM African Airlines Intl. June 1992 Lease attempt failed. NTU
Z-WKV Seagreen June 1992 Fitted with hush kits, ferried to Ostend for storage
5Y-AXI Africa Express Isiolo May 1993 Leased and reregistered.
5Y-AXI Seagreen May 1993 Returned
5Y-AXI African Airlines Intl. June 1993 Purchased
5Y-AXI African Airlines Intl. Dec 1997 TAT 85,899hrs
5Y-AXI African Airlines Intl. Nov 2000 Withdrawn from use at Sharjah
5Y-AXI African Airlines Intl. 2005 Scrapped. All cockpit panels saved by Guy van Herbruggen.
5Y-AXI African Airlines Intl. 2018 Cockpit panels and parts sold to Nils Alegren for use in LH B707 Simulator.