18937 451 Ordered September 1967
D-ABUA Boeing 13.09.65 Rolled out
D-ABUA Boeing 28.10.65 First flight
D-ABUA Lufthansa Europa 01.11.65 Delivered
D-ABUA German Cargo Services 04.04.77 Purchased
D-ABUA German Cargo Services 07.04.77 Ferried HAM-FRA on delivery
D-ABUA German Cargo Services 07.05.77 First revenue service Frankfurt-Hong-Kong
D-ABUA German Cargo Services 27.01.79 Transported a living killer whale from Frankfurt to Hong Kong on an ice loaded specially constructed hammrock. Three persons accompanied the whale and bathed it continually
D-ABUA German Cargo Services 1980 Cargo capacity increased from 34 to 38 tons
D-ABUA German Cargo Services June 1984 TAT 74,616 and 55 million km
VR-HTC Transcorp Airways 20.06.84 Purchased
VR-HTC Transcorp Airways Perth Aug 1985 Name and Brunei flag added
VR-HTC Transcorp Airways 16.10.85 Ferriedd Hamburg-Hong Kong on delivery
V8-UUU Royal Brunei Oct 1985 Leased for a brief period, used by government
VR-HTC Transcorp Airways 1985 Fitted with hush kits
VR-HTC Ansett Transport Industries Brisbane 25.10.88 Purchased after OPS ceased
VH-HTC Ansett Air Freight Oct 1988 Transferred
VH-HTC Ansett Air Freight Jan 1989 Leased. All white with titles an logo.
VH-HTC Ansett Air Freight 1990 Returned
VH-HTC Ansett Air Freight 21.12.90 Last revenue service Melbourne-Perth. Stored at Perth
HA-TBA Malev 1991 Lease attempt failed. NTU
LZ-PVA Global Airways Acnapyx 18.01.82 Leased and ferried Perth-Brisbane and rolled out
LZ-PVA Global Airways Jan 1992 Delivered in all white and Global Air titles
LZ-PVA Global Airways Jul 1992 Stored in Varna
LZ-PVA Global Airways 03.08.93 Returned after long term storage at Varna
HC-BTB Vias Aereas Manabitas Jan 1994 Leased and reregistered. Still in Global Air / TNT colors. Operated for LA Suramericanas
HC-BTB Ansett Air Freight 1994 Returned and stored in Marana, AZ, USA
HC-BTB Venture Africa Airlines 18.04.95 Leased. TAT 84,334 hrs TAC 20,735
HC-BTB Ansett Air Freight Dec 1995 Returned and ferried to Miami
HC-BTB Aeroservicios Ecuatorianos AECA 12.12.95 Leased
HC-BTB Aeroservicios Ecuatorianos AECA June 1996 TAT 85,428
HC-BTB Ansett Transport Industries Nov 1996 Returned
HC-BTB Air Taxi International Nov 1996 Leased
HC-BTB AECA Cargo Nov 1996 Subleased TAT 86,748 hrs
HC-BTB AECA Cargo Mar 1998 TAT 89,296 hrs
HC-BTB AECA Cargo 04.02.99 Seen at Miami. Still active.
HC-BTB AECA Cargo 2000 Stored Latacunga and presumed broken up soon after