Altimeter METER

Meter Altimeter finished. Initially I tried a 1/10 geared stepper motor but that turned out to be too slow for any kind of quick descents. So I had to split the needles in two using one stepper motor per needle. Works perfectly. The QNH is set in the gauge itself

Progress Captain’s Panel

Getting closer to completing all instrument gauges. Only the HSI, ADI and INS indicator remain with the ADI being the greatest challenge…stay tuned 🙂


DME Indicators

Finally the four DME indicators are completed & tested. So far I have completed 6 unites of which 2 are being used in the SABENA 707 sim in Brussels which I am helping to build up. I used 3 NEMA 8 stepper motors running at 1/16 steps. Position initialization done

Wiring fire handles

Connecting the fire handles and other switches and lights using the original wiring. Time-consuming figuring out each wire but worth preserving the original work of art

707 cockpit successfully moved

The cockpit has been successfully moved to a new location 30km north of Munich saving 90% storage costs. Restoration work will continue soon.

Bendix RMIs

Finally started working on the 4x Bendix RMIs. These hat a specially made dial for Lufthansa. Now working on 12V stepper motors with 1/16 microstepping. More infos and video to follow


Removing insulation

After some considerations I decided to remove the entire insulation for better access to the airframe. This makes it easier to remove remaining wires, tubes and other unnecessary equipment. I am still missing the footrest brackets, panel brackets and panel hinges which I will have to re manufacture.


Cleaning cleaning cleaning….

D-ABUD/N707QJ is undergoing a thorough cleaning and removal of insulation, wiring and unnecessary tubes. Kitchen cleaner is probably the best cleaning product to use for this job. Note the large amounts of nicotine which were not that easy to remove and required some extensive rubbing.