Technical files

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Here you fill find a constantly growing list of manuals that we have available.  As you can hopefully understand I am not able to pass these manuals on for free due to the time and money involved scanning / acquiring them. Material released by Boeing is copyright. We can exchange or you can make a donation for the project. Thank you for your understanding. We do have the complete set of maintenance manuals of which not all have been digitalized yet.

Contact me if you have any questions.

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List of Boeing 707 Manuals

  • Lufthansa Flight Crew Training Manual, 1981
  • Lufthansa Technische Flugdienstvorschrift, 1966
  • Lufthansa Technische Flugdienstvorschrift, 1981
  • Lufthansa Technische Flugdienstvorschrift (F/E) 0-3, 5, 7
  • Lufthansa Operations Manual, 1961
  • BOAC Operations Flying Manual, 1967
  • BOAC Technical Manual 1966
  • Boeing 707-300B Instructor Pilot Guide, 1973
  • Boeing 707 Operations Manual, 1999
  • American Airlines Operations Manual, 1971
  • SABENA Maintenance Manual Chapter 1-25, 1966
  • TWA Boeing 720 Operating Manual
  • TWA Boeing 707 Flight Handbook 1974
  • Continental Airlines Flight Manual 1973
  • Qantas B707-138 Operations Manual
  • Varig B707 procedures
  • Boeing Flight Engineer questions
  • Scibe airlift Operations Manual
  • Pan Am 707 Operating & Training Manual 1976
  • American Airlines mechanics guide
  • Saudia Arabia Airlines Corp. 707 AIRFRAME MAINTENANCE MANUAL 1-91
  • MANY MANY more – list will be updated as we scan documents and manuals

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