19317 557 Ordered April 1966
D-ABUI Boeing 13.01.67 Rolled out
D-ABUI Boeing 21.02.67 First flight
D-ABUI Lufthansa Asia 06.03.67 Delivered
D-ABUI Lufthansa 05.02.77 Scrapped two engines during landing at LHR from Montreal
D-ABUI German Cargo Services 01.04.79 Transferred with LH colours
D-ABUI German Cargo Services 10.08.79 Repainted and ferried HAM-FRA on delivery
D-ABUI German Cargo Services 1980 Cargo capacity increased from 34 to 38 tons
D-ABUI German Cargo Services 01.09.81 TAT 63,759 hrs
D-ABUI German Cargo Services June 1984 TAT 70,760 hrs, flew 288 hrs in June 1984
D-ABUI German Cargo Services 07.12.84 Last revenue service Milan-Frankfurt, retired
D-ABUI German Cargo Services 17.12.84 Ferried FRA-HAM and stored
PP-TCM Trans Brasil 05.02.85 Purchased
PP-TCM Trans Brasil 07.02.85 Reregistered and ferried Hamburg-Brazil on delivery
PP-TCM Aerobrasil Cargo 01.01.91 Transferred
PP-TCM Aerobrasil Cargo 18.10.92 Retired and placed in storage at Miami
PP-TCM Omega Air 17.05.94 Purchased
PP-TCM Aerobrasil Cargo 17.05.94 Leased back same day
PP-TCM Omega Air Sep 1996 Returned TAT 90,535 hrs TAC 23,524
PP-TCM BETA Cargo October 1996 Leased
PP-BSE BETA Cargo March 1997 Reregistered TAT 90,966 TAC 23,643
PP-BSE BETA Cargo March 1998 TAT 92,259. Highest times 707 in 1998
PP-BSE BETA Cargo 23.10.04 W/O on take off at Manaus’. Gear punctured through wing on brake release on take off