18819 398 Ordered March 1964
D-ABOX Boeing 13.11.64 Rolled out
D-ABOX Boeing 23.12.64 First flight
D-ABOX Lufthansa 01.01.65 Köln Delivered
D-ABOX Lufthansa 1980 Retired and stored at HAM
VP-WKR Air Zimbabwe 12.02.81 Purchased and rolled out at HAM
VP-WKR Air Zimbabwe 19.02.81 Delivered
VP-WKR Air Zimbabwe 21.02.81 First revenue flight
Z-WKR Air Zimbabwe 31.10.83 Reregistered
Z-WKR Air Zimbabwe June 1984 Fitted with hush kits
Z-WKR Seagreen Sep 1991 Purchased
Z-WKR Aviation Consultants Dec 1991 Purchased
5Y-AXM African Airlines Intl. Dec 1991 Mendesi Leased an reregistered
5Y-AXM African Consultants 1995 Mandera Purchased while lease continued
5Y-AXM African Airlines Intl. 1996 Retired & stored at Nairobi
5Y-AXM African Airlines Intl. 1996 Engines removed, derelict TAT 82.230 hrs
5Y-AXM African Airlines Intl. June 2001 Broken up for scrap