Boeing 707 cockpit arrived!!

Today I took delivery of the Boeing 707 cockpit I have been dreaming of for many many years. This former Saudi Arabian Airlines 707 (HZ-ACI) will become Lufthansa’s B707 D-ABUD/UF (N88ZL) with all panels, most gauges and other parts coming from these two aircraft. My father did his entire 707

N1 & N2 indicators

N1 and N2 indicator are basically exactly the same in terms of construction. The major problem here is the vernier dial and the speed at which it is rotating during engine acceleration. Here is an engine spool up table. It shows that the engine can spool up above 50% at

Lufthansa RMIs discovered

After a long search I was able to locate 3 original Lufthansa Bendix Radio Magnetic Indicators used on Boeing 707s! Still missing one but will definitely find that one too.



Vertical Speed Indicator – plain an simple. Original drums and gears removed and replaced with a NEMA stepper motor and a IR sensor for initialization. NEMA is running at 1/16 steps for super smooth and quick needle movements. Stay tuned for upcoming videos of the gauge conversion.


Airspeed Indicator

Kollsman Airspeed Indicator

This Airspeed indicator actually came from a B727-100 but since they are identical to the ones installed on Lufthansa 707s I chose this one and painted the 410 kts and 420 kts marker black. Both needles are working on this gauge. Wh

707 Lufthansa fleet

Work in progress to list the history of all B707 operated by Lufthansa from 1960-1985. Click here: Lufthansa 707 Fleet.

Turbo compressor indicator

Turbo Compressor RPM indicator

Simple and quick conversion. About 4 hours total time for designing, milling and built. Uses X27 dashboard stepper motor using its internal stop for position reference.



System Description

The turbo compressor uses energy of engine bleed air (16th stage) to drive a compressor which

Bendix Trim Indicator

Trim Indicator

This indicator does not need to be converted. This comes from MSN 19521 Air France F-BLCG  (my mother was a flight attendant on AF 707s!) that ended its life in Bratislava after a write off.  It was repainted in grey but is otherwise untouched. It